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2012 Brompton M3L

Dina's 2012 Brompton M3L

Dina’s 2012 Brompton M3L

Here’s a story from Dina who got in touch after reading The Brompton Folding Bike Guide. I asked Dina to keep in touch with her hunt for a second hand Brompton. Here’s her story:

An update on the bike hunt.  I have been following Ebay, A to B classifieds and Gumtree over the past 3 weeks.  I decided to go for any colour although black was my least favourite and red or racing green were the preferred colours.  I finally found an M3L on Gumtree, although it didn’t have the model number included.  I rang & was told it was 6 gears: a bargain at the price I offered assuming it was OK.

I met the very apologetic husband in London, to be told that it was an M3L.  M3Ls had been selling for more than the agreed price on Ebay, but we negotiated a really good discount and I now have an 18 month old bike for much less than ten years older bikes are selling on Ebay.  I also have the original receipt and the owner’s phone number and have been asked to call if I have any questions or problems.  I am delighted!  Oh, and it’s red!!

My next hunt will be for a front bag frame – I quite like the idea of making a bag!  I think that the frames come in different sizes.  Would you recommend a particular size, or does it just depend on the size of the bike?

[Ed: at this point I suggested that Dina got in touch with Eden Fowler who is our bag expert]

I gave the Brompton a wipe over to remove surface dirt, oiled the chain and took a picture!  Nothing else required attention – except maybe practising the fold.  It definitely takes more than 10 seconds!!

Still thrilled with purchase and have bought a really old Brompton basket (c 25 years old!) from Ebay to carry stuff.