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Kansi Folding Bikes

I am quite interested in these new folding bikes made by Kansi. If you have any experience of these bikes, please comment below.

Big-wheeled Kansi – just in – BikeRadar.com
BikeRadar.comBig-wheeled Kansi – just inBikeRadar.comAside from making some of the best small-wheeled folders available, Kansi have now branched out into big-wheeled folding bikes, which BikeRadar first spotted at the Fisher Expo back in February 2013. We’ve just taken delivery of a 700c prototype with a …

The Gadget Show and Project Air | Kansi
The 25th March was an exciting day at kansi HQ. Channel 5′s The Gadget Show appeared on screens across the UK for a special feature on technology of the future and showcased the kansi F20 as part of the piece.


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