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Increasing the number of gears on a Brompton

All done with camping gaz torch!

All done with camping gaz torch!

Up in the top corner of France Eden Fowler has been bodgineering away, improving his Brompton by doubling the number of gears. I knew this was on his mind because when he first got in touch in May this year he said (in this blog post about his 1990 Brompton),

“I can’t help wondering if anyone out there who has titaniumised their Brompton’s back end may have a steel back end with the 2-speed derailleur and wheel with BWR hub gear to dispose of at a reasonable price? That would get me a higher top gear to replace the one I’m losing with the chainwheel change. Or am I dreaming?”

Well, dreaming or not he has gone ahead and done it – have a look here at his Brompton 3 to 6 speed conversion

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