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Folding Bikes Review

I’m hoping that a lot of people will come to this page looking for a general folding bikes review as well as specific bike reviews such as a Brompton M3L review. So for this reason I will need as much input as possible from you. If you have a folding bike of any description, please get in touch and we will publish it here. I tend to read all reviews on Amazon, Ebay, Argos and anywhere else before buying anything, so it makes sense to have as many reviews as possible here about folding bikes.

Similarly, if you have had a good or bad experience of a retailer we want to hear it too. This applies as much to the online world as much as it does the offline world too. So if you have had a good time in your local Halfords shop, let’s have your Halfords review. If you have an Argos review you would like to share we would love to see that too. I actually bought by my bike second hand from Ebay where you can find plenty of second hand folding bikes, so I’ll be adding my Ebay review too.

Although I’d like this to be the best folding bikes report to help people by their next bike, I love retro reviews too. So if you have an old Bickerton, let’s have your Bickerton Bike in a Bag review too. There are plenty of collectors out there who just want to know as much as possible and the rest of us just love reading that stuff πŸ™‚