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Folding Bikes

Brompton M6R Serre Chevalier

Brompton M6R Serre Chevalier, France

Thank you for coming to the Commuter Bike Guide. This was originally theFolding Bike Guide, a site that was aimed at people who want, own or just love folding bikes.  Don’t worry you are not alone, you are part of vibrant throng of people who have discovered something that many have not, true personal freedom!

You will probably see as many folding bicycles on public transport as you do on the roads these days. On buses and trains it’s a common site to see a folding bike tucked away under a seat or placed in the luggage rack.  As parking and access to city centers gets more difficult, the more people are commuting by bike. Once you arrive at your destination your bike can be easily folded and taken indoors and stowed away safely under your desk.

Folding bikes, although generally expensive, are becoming more affordable. This is exactly the opposite to fuel costs and other motoring expenses you incur by using a car, so it’s quite easy to justify the cost of a bike. You should also consider the health benefits that regular low impact aerobic exercise will have too. Riding a bike helps you lose weight, improve your blood pressure and increase good cholesterol levels. It will also increase muscle stamina and, like other aerobic activities, can lessen depression and anxiety.

The most popular make of folding bike and arguably the best is the Brompton, which is a British bike made in London. The current best selling Brompton at the moment is the Brompton M3L which is the classic Brompton design, but fully up to date. Brompton folding bikes now outsell any other make of bike manufactured in the UK today. This is amazing especially when you consider that they are the most expensive, especially when you opt for the Brompton Superlight range. Other manufacturers such as Dahon compete well with Brompton especially on price.

The Dahon folding bike design is not quite as neat and tidy as the Brompton, but when you consider that you can buy a brand new Dahon Espresso (if you are happy with last year’s model) for less than £300, it all starts to make sense.  Even when you start looking at second hand folding bikes on Ebay, you will rarely see even the shabbiest of Bromptons go for less than £500.

Other folding bikes for sale in the UK include the Montague SwissBike, which is almost a mountain bike with all terrain tyres and suspension and the range made by Tern, that are more Brompton like. So these bikes aren’t just limited to the small wheel commuter bikes, but hybrids and mountain bikes too.  All the current manufacturers are trying to keep the weight of their bikes down by using clever designs and lightweight alloys and materials where possible. These bikes tend to be carried more than any other bike, so weight is an important factor. This extra level of design is what makes it more difficult to manufacture cheap folding bikes than non folding ones.
The idea of this site is to have a bit of fun talking about our bikes, so that it will become the ultimate folding bikes review site, made by people who own them. Folding bikes are more than just a bike and more than just a form of transport, it’s a level of freedom you won’t experience until you own one.