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Folding Bike Guide

Here at The Folding Bike Guide we love folding bikes, for many reasons, so let us look at some of them.

First of all we like the fact that most folding bikes are just absolutely beautiful! In my mind most bikes are beautiful even if they don’t fold. Just the way that a simple machine can interface between man (or woman) and the road is wonderful. A bike makes the human body more efficient by being able to move faster with less effort which is a beautiful thing in itself. The actual design of most bikes especially the really well thought out bikes like the Brompton M3L or the Brompton superlight bikes is beautiful too. OK I’ll stop talking about bikes like that before you think I am a bit too weird!

Folding bikes are good for you! The health benefits of regular aerobic exercise are well known and very obvious. But a folding bike tends to get used more often than a non folding bike as people use them for their daily commute or keep them in the boot of their car so that anytime they fancy a quick ride they can do it.

Folding bikes can be easily taken on public transport and most of the time this is for free. My favourite way to travel is by train+Brompton where you can cover large distances quickly and still have your own personal transport when you get to your destination. I have yet to fly with my bike so far, but I am really looking forward to doing so. Some airlines, but not all, treat a folding bike as hand luggage so there is no cost for taking your bike on board the aircraft. In a proper bag a bike can also be checked in as normal luggage.

Folding bikes are relatively theft proof. We have heard some horror stories of people getting their Bromptons stolen on busy commuter trains into London, but I think there is an element of urban mysticism in those stories. The point about a folding bike is you can keep it right next to you and because it folds up you can easily take it into your place of work, the pub, restaurant or wherever you are going.

Using a bike in conjunction with public transport is highly ecological. As well as being a very green form of transport it is of course much cheaper than using a car.

Although folding bikes can be very expensive their second hand resale value is very high too. Second hand folding bikes, especially the higher end models like the Bromptons, can still cost over £500 even when they are 10 years old.

For those who have limited space at home a folding bike makes a lot of sense especially if their only option for storing a bike is in some unsecure communal area. A folding bike can easily be taken into the smallest of apartments  and kept under the kitchen work surface or in the hallway without getting in the way.