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Eden Fowler and his 1990 3 Speed Brompton

DSCF0555I had this great email from Eden Fowler a couple of days ago, another Brompton fan living in France like myself. Eden had read my Brompton Folding Bike Guide and said:

“I also, am happily ensconced in a part of France (25 years, now) with my newly acquired Brompton with S.A. 3-speed which I presume from the frame N° 2901 is a 1990 model.  What fun I’ve had bonding with her and sorting things.The original front wire basket has been removed  and is replaced by a 40-litre orange bag from Decathlon mounted on a piece of 6mm marine ply. This allows me to do our shopping in the county town of Quimper some 25 kms distant for two Euro each way on the bus . The basket is available free to anyone who wants it.

I’ve been through the same process as you on gearing and am awaiting the arrival of a Brompton 44-tooth chainwheel from Brilliant Bikes, which was substantially cheaper than Evans.

I can’t help wondering if anyone out there who has titaniumised their Brompton’s back end may have a steel back end with the 2-speed derailleur and wheel with BWR hub gear to dispose of at a reasonable price? That would get me a higher top gear to replace the one I’m losing with the chainwheel change. Or am I dreaming?”

I had to reply saying,

“Hi Eden, interesting idea about the swapping of the back end. Maybe I should set up a forum or something or even some kind of swap shop type area….hmm? In a similar way, because my Brompton was second hand I have a telescopic seat post that I’d happily swap for a standard one.”

Later on I added, “I reckon if you could send me a photo of your bike (preferably with the decathlon bag attached) – it would make a great page in the reader’s bikes section. Are you up for that?”

Eden was and here is the page about Eden’s 1990 Brompton M3R. Thank you so much.

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  • eden August 26, 2013, 10:19 pm

    where’s the frame mods for 6 gears bit?

  • Claire February 23, 2014, 11:11 pm

    Hi Eden,

    I followed your custom Brompton rack project with interest, I’m doing a welding course at the moment and would really like to build something similar for my Brommie but without the bag, if you’re willing to have a chat about the materials and methods you used I’d really appreciate it. I’m sure Rick can pass on my email address.

    Many thanks


    • Rick February 24, 2014, 8:52 am

      Hi Claire, thanks for the comment, I have passed your email onto Eden, so hopefully you will make something beautiful. Please come back and share your photos etc.

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