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Dahon Espresso

Dahon EspressoThe Dahon Espresso is what Dahon like to call an urban adventure bike, it’s not really a mountain bike, but it looks like one with it’s chunky tyres and 21 gears, it’s more of a folding hybrid really. The last Espresso made was the Dahon Espresso 2012 which was available in small, medium and large frame sizes. It has a rigid aluminium alloy frame and ProMax V aluminium brakes. Here are some of it’s strong points:

  • It has a comfortable, upright riding position
  • Mudguards and a rack can be fitted if required
  • You can easily adjust the reach and the height to get the perfect riding position thanks to the Dahon Axis stem
  • The bike can be folded in under 10 seconds
  • The bike easy to carry around in the boot of your car, so you don’t need a bike rack

The Dahon Espresso has a Dahon Axis stem which makes the bike easy to fold with the minimum of effort. The front derailleur is a Microshift unit operating on the triple chainwheel. At the rear is the Shimano Altus gear unit and a Shimano 7 speed 14-28T cassette. The total weight of the bike comes out at 13.86kg which is pretty amazing considering it has full size 26 inch wheels.

One thing you shoould be aware of is that this bike doesn’t fold down really compact like a Brompton, so if you are commuting by train this is really just a way of getting around the current ‘bike ban’ rules, so do note that on busy trains it can be a bit of a hassle.

This Dahon folding bike is very well made for the price (they can be picked up for around £300 usually), it’s capable of going really fast with no worries about potholes and it is a pleasure to ride. Since 2011 there are quite a few newer folding bikes by Dahon that are in many ways superior to the Espresso, but if you can get your hands on a 2011 model for less than £300 you have a real bargain.