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Cheap Brompton in Paris

cheap brompton in paris

A Cheap Brompton in Paris

I’m always looking at different ways to get Brompton bikes cheaply and I think I might have stumbled across something. This won’t be for everyone, but having lived in France for 12 years I know that they are really useless at some things. Sure they make great food, have superb campsites, breed champion athletes, have more types of cheese than any other country, but….they are useless at marketing! Look at this bike here on Ebay.fr – as I write it has 3 days to go and has only had 3 bids. The current price is 604€ which seems very good. I’m not entirely sure what bike it is, but I would guess it is something like an M3L and it looks in amazing condition. But what can you tell from the ebay ad?

Title – Velo Brompton

Ok sure that’s what it is, but no mention of the model, not even ‘pliable’ (folding). There is of course the one slightly fuzzy photo which indicates it seems to have a Zefal bike pump and the luggage carrying block, but really would any would be Brompton owner notice that? Surely the description would tell us all that:

Description – Vélo Brompton état neuf , à venir récupérer sur place paris 17 Em étoile

Brilliant! As new Brompton, collect from the center of Paris.

Imagine if this was for sale in the UK, the ad would read something like this:

“My lovely Brompton, no longer needed as I no longer have to commute. Nearly perfect, but well maintained with new chain & almost new brake blocks. Three Speed with M series Handlebars. Can be viewed & tested in Paris, Can be collected from any Paris airport or Metro station. I can arrange delivery at your cost, you will need to tell me how & when you want it delivered. I will get you a quote, expect to pay between £10-20 dependant on service required”

That would be fairly typical I reckon. If you are in the market for a newish Brompton, do keep an eye on this one and similar ones. It might be worth setting up an Ebay alert so that you will be automatically notified when Bromptons are up for sale in strange places.

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