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Pednor Road, Chesham, Bucks

Pednor Road, the first road I rode my Brompton on.

In May 2012 I was doing a UK Tour with my band, The Harper Brothers. We normally play in ski resorts (mostly Serre Chevalier) during the winter, but this year we decided to go off and do a gruelling 11 day, 11 gig tour of England. All the time we were there we were travelling around in a 10 meter long Damon Ultrasport RV, which meant once we were parked up I had no transport. I didn’t like the idea of this at all so I thought it would be a good time to buy my Brompton. I bought it off Ebay while I was still in France and arranged to get it delivered to my friend Charlie’s in Chesham, Bucks. This is where we stopped on our first night.

Chesham George & Dragon

The George & Dragon, Chesham

Within minutes of me unpacking the bike, we had a problem, how do we get 6 blokes down to the pub in one car? Chesham is only a few kilometers away, but even so, it’s more than a trivial walk. This was my first ride on my Brompton, a lovely ride down Pednor Road on a beautiful sunny afternoon in May 2012. Down to the pub in the High Street, The George and Dragon. I wish I had taken a photo, but I didn’t, so I have just nicked one off the internet.

Sitting in the garden with a pint in the sunshine, I couldn’t take my eyes of my now folded Brompton. It was only a matter of an hour or so before a real ale drinking cyclist turned up in a high visibility jacket to admire The Brompton, much to the amusement of the rest of the band.


Hello Folding Bike World

This was the original photo of my Brompton M6R from Ebay, when I bought it on May 13th 2012

This was the original photo of my Brompton M6R

I’m making this site, because I own a Brompton M6R, I bought it second hand from Ebay in May 2012. It had previously belonged to a guy in Bristol – a perfect environment for a folding bike. I actually live in France, near the Italian border in The French Alps, it’s a ski resort called Serre Chevalier, not really renown for it’s commuting population at all. Serre Chevalier is more about lightweight roadbikes and hardcore mountain bikes, not folding bikes.  I have only ever seen my Brompton in this area, but I’d love to meet some other Brompton owners in the area and see what they are up to and where they are going.

So why did I buy a Brompton if I live in one of the most mountainous parts of Europe? Well there are several reasons:

  • The purchase of my Brompton coincided with a UK Tour I was doing with my band that I play in. This was a perfect opportunity to explore my new personal freedom. Read more about The Harper Brothers UK Tour 2012 here.
  • I’ve always wanted one. Ever since I knew what a Brompton was, I have wanted one. I’d heard of the Bickerton before, but they seemed a bit ugly to me. But the first Brompton I ever saw was on a train between Berkhamsted, Herts and London Euston. I stared at the folded ‘thing’ for the whole journey and was just amazed when the owner unfolded his Brompton at Euston Station and promptly rode off. This must have been a very early Brompton as the year was about 1988.
  • I live in a very beautiful part of The World and it is just very cool to have my bike in the back of my car, so that when I find somewhere nice, I can just get it out and go for a ride.
  • When I have several errands to do in my nearby town of Briançon, I like to just park my car and then get my bike out and go to all the various places I need to and then drive back. This is just super convenient and saves all those little trips and finding somewhere to park over and over again.
  • I just like them, Bromptons are fun to ride and are a really fun talking point.