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Commuter Bikes: The Best Commuter Bike for You

A commuter bike provides an efficient means of transport from home to work or school. It is convenient for someone living in a flat terrain or in a pedestrianised path that is safe to cycle. Bikes are great to commute on because you can manoeuvre your way through a traffic jam. In addition, it is a cheap means of transport because you do not incur fuel expenses. Bikes have health benefits too because you exercise every day when you cycle your way to work or school and back home. There are various commuter bikes on the market, and you can choose the type of bike, which is more convenient for you.

Folding Bikes

If you have many errands to run, you can consider using a folding bike for easy movement. The bicycle is foldable hence its convenience and portability. You can stuff it in the boot of your car and carry it around. Different makes of the folding bikes have different folding mechanisms. The make determines the folding speed, the ease of folding and the compactness. Essentially, different makes of folding bikes have different weight and durability. These differences determine the cost of the bikes.

You can fold these bikes using various mechanisms.  The most common bikes are the mid fold and vertical fold bikes. The half or mid fold bikes have large wheels and do not become as compact as the other types. They fold horizontally, and that is why they have large wheels. The vertical fold bikes folds vertically, and they are more compact that the mid fold bikes.

The folding bikes are convenient and portable; you can enter into buildings with ease without anyone noticing that you are carrying a bike. However, the complex folding mechanisms makes them more costly than the other bikes. In addition, these bikes have small wheels that make them appear vulnerable in traffic.

Hybrid bikes

The hybrid bikes incorporate the concept of road bikes, touring bikes and mountain bikes. They are general-purpose bikes that you can use for as commuter bikes and sports bike. They are superior make and can bear various riding conditions. These bikes resemble the mountain bikes because of their straight handlebars and the upright posture of the cyclist while riding. On the other hand, these bikes are light in weight and have thinner wheels that resemble road bikes. In addition, these bikes have racks that allow you to carry your belongings, as is the case of a touring bike.

Hybrid bikes come in different types of hybrid bikes that a cyclist can choose according to the intended use. The trekking bike has all the accessories suitable for bicycle touring. The cross bike structure resembles the sports bicycle. You can use the cross bike for general riding purposes. The city bike is enhanced for urban commuting. It resembles the mountain bike because of the strength although it is light in weight. The bike has special features that make it sturdy, and it can withstand the urban road hazards.

Hybrid bikes are highly stable and easy to ride. If you are beginner commuter, this is the right bike for you. The straight handlebars and upright seating cycling posture is comfortable to the commuter. In addition, these bikes have great speed, and they have low exertion on the road. You have a wide range to choose from depending on the purpose of the bike.

Road Bikes

Road bikes, also known as racing bikes, are bicycles purposely designed for racing purposes. They have high speed and are stiff, making them uncomfortable to ride on rough terrain. The beauty of a road bike is how efficiently the power from the cyclists stroke goes to the pedals, and this is what makes them the fastest bikes. It has drop handlebars positioned below the saddle position. When riding a road bike, you assume an aerodynamic position. The positioning of the fore and hind wheels is within close proximity, and this enables the bike have a quick handling.  If you are in a rush, this might be the right bike for you.

Road bikes have lightweight tires that reduce the air and rolling resistance on the road. These tires have smooth and thin tread and are inflated to high pressure. The racing bikes use 700C wheels that match with the 20-25mm wide tyres. In essence, the performance of the racing bike depends on the wheels of the bike. You can modify the performance of the bike by shaping the rims of the bike wheels.

If you love speed, the racing bike is the perfect bike for you. Cyclists who participate in cycling races use these bikes. These bikes are optimised for speed, not comfort.

Electric bikes

Electric bikes combine a bicycle concept with electric motor for propulsion purposes. The electric bikes have small motor that facilitates your pedal-power. Electric bikes use rechargeable batteries. The distance that you can ride the bike depends on the the capacity of the batteries. Large capacity batteries add to the weight of the bike. The classification of these bikes depends on the power of the electric motor and its application. The pedal-assist bikes have electric motors regulated by the pedalling. The pedal-assist accentuates your efforts when you peddle.  The power-on-demand motor relies on a mounted throttle similar to scooters and motorcycles.

The electric bikes that have pedal-assist only pedals can also operate as bicycles but provide assistance when necessary. In this case, if you live in hilly areas this might be the ideal bike for you because you will save your energy when riding up the hill. In addition, this bicycle is perfect for elderly people who do not have much energy for cycling. Further, there is another category of electric bikes known as S-Pedelecs. Some countries like Germany do not consider them as bikes because of their power and speed. These bikes have a powerful motor that is more than 250 watts. When you use this bike, the motor assist in pedalling once you exceed the speed limit of 25km/h. The S-Pedelecs require a license and a helmet because of the high speed.